Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Australia on sale

International visitors passing through Australian airports must think we're a strange lot.

If the "quintessentially Australian" products on sale at our airport duty free shops are anything to go by, you would assume we're a bunch of crocodile jerky-eating, emu cream-smearing, macadamia nut-munching, and sheep placenta-downing folk with a love of all things wool and sheep skin.

There seems to be a whole world of Aussie products that I would wager most Aussies wouldn't know existed, let alone used.

Yet here they are being passed off as Australian as Alf Stewart himself.

Well cobber, check out the fair dinkum, corker stuff I spotted for your swag next time your head overseas!

Sheep called - they want their placenta back

I've always struggled to see the koala/macadamia nut connection.  Did the koalas make these?

How did they shove an entire kangaroo into one capsule?

Koalas again.  I assume they farmed these.

Nothing I love more at the end of hard day than enjoying a drink with some crocodile jerky.  Struth!

Emu oil doesn't seem to have made emus very attractive so not sure why it would do anything for us

I'm sure there are many more out there just waiting to be snapped up by visitors wanting to take home their own piece of Australia.

And perhaps there's scope for even more products.   Tassie Devil eye drops or Oil de Possum?

1 comment:

  1. Yummo...I have a real hankering for that kangaroo in a capsule. That is bizarre.
    I think the Canadians also have their own sterotypical airport products, like Hudson's Bay blanket, maple syrup (In many formats) and ice wine.
    That's all we got. Oh and beaver tails! how could I forget.
    MMMM Crocodile jerky.