Monday, 20 May 2013

Thank you for the music... and everything else

The annual Eurovision finale is like waving off a good friend at the airport.

We've had a wonderful time together, but sadly that has come to an end for now and I know it will be some time until we see each other again.

But at least I have the memorable moments I'll cherish.   Malmo, Sweden, delivered plenty of these.

Europe may have voted for Denmark as the winner (their choice, not mine), but how can you single out just one dish from the entire buffet?

And Eurovision leaves us with more than just music.  It's legacy extends well beyond melodies; it shines a light on some "interesting" fashion and choreography, some of which will stay with us long after the last piece of glitter has been swept up.

If Eurovision 2013 was a trendsetter, here's what we'll be wearing next season:

1.  Spacesuits (as worn by Montenegro)

2.  Glitter suits (as worn by Latvia)

3.  Skirts, skorts or some other variant (as worn by Greece)

4.   The sexy "Nana Mouskouri" (as worn by Israel)

5.  Fringing (as worn by Belarus)

6.  Something Ming from Flash Gordon would have worn (as worn by Romania)

And if the Eurovision 2013 choreography was anything to go by, here's what we'll be doing:

1.  Being carried around by giants (as per Ukraine)

2.  Generally putting our hands up (as per most entrants this year, but particularly Slovenia)

3.   Rocking so hard our guitars catch on fire (as per Albania)

4.  Contorting our bodies in a glass box (as per Azerbaijan)

5.  Attending same-sex marriages (as per Finland)

6.   Being a human volcano (as per Moldova)

Missing you already Eurovision.

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