Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Snow Ghosts

Battered by winds and caked in snow and ice, the "Snow Ghosts" of the Canadian ski fields stand firm and unrelenting throughout the winter.

In summer, they are merely pine trees, but with the change of seasons, they transform into deformed and twisted snow shapes on the mountain top.

And because they sitting high above the snow line, the army of silent snow soldiers will remain trapped in their icy casings until spring arrives.

Some look like snowmen in the making, but never reaching true Frosty status.

It's a stark contrast to the winter I'm currently experiencing in Brisbane, Australia, where dry, sunny days and daytime temperatures around the mid-20 degree Celsius range are the norm.

In memory of a winter wonderland that Queensland will never see, here's a selection of my favourite "Snow Ghost" shots from Big White ski resort, near Kelowna in British Columbia.


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