Sunday, 17 November 2013

Amsterdam's cutest ambassador

Just a dog?  

Or some sort of dog / pony cross breed?  (A "dony"?)

Hard to tell, but I can't stop thinking about this massive, shaggy dog my cousin and I stumbled across while wandering the streets of Amsterdam.

It was a sunny autumn afternoon when we saw this black figure hunched over a fence happily watching passers-by.  Given its size, from a distance you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a child or small man.

But on closer inspection, you realised it was 100% dog.

He seemed to have this tiny outdoor corridor to roam in, but his groomed coat told us he was well looked after.  What seemed most bizarre was that the owners bothered to install a gate and fence at all as this dog could easily have just stepped over them both.

And while he looked as though he could probably eat a small child for breakfast, lunch and dinner, in reality he was as placid and friendly as one of the Muppets he resembled.

We stopped and patted him for a while, prompting a torrent of slobber, much excited tail wagging, and a big showing of his pink little tongue.

After a while (and with heavy hearts), my cousin and I said goodbye to Amsterdam's friendliest ambassador, both secretly wondering how we could smuggle him back home to Australia.

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