Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Winter is coming

Sleeping through the night without having to deploy refrigeration?

Able to walk outside during the day without being drenched in sweat?

Not being awoken by the sun and bird calls at 4.30am?

Yes, it's time to say "good riddance" to summer.

Summer luvin'?   Nope.  I hate it.

Summer: I'm not a fan
I'm all for the cooler temperatures and variable weather of autumn and winter over endless, cloudless summer days where the mercury punches above 35 degrees before dipping to a mere 25 degrees at night.

For me, autumn and winter is the only time to be in Australia.  (Though, to be fair, our autumns and winters are more like European summers rather than the arctic experiences of the northern hemisphere.)

I know many others won't agree with me on this.  In fact, many Brisbane residents tend to hibernate in winter during those "bitterly cold" 17 degree days, wondering why the polar vortex has descended on them.

But here's 13 reasons why the cooler months rule over summer in Australia:

1.  You get to use the hot water tap in the shower for the first time in months
Time to check if that solar hot water system I had to dish out for is still working.

2.  No more daylight savings confusion
Regardless of your stance on this one issue, splitting the Australian eastern seaboard into different time zones is madness and annoying.

No more 4.30am sunrises

3.  You can enjoy a decent weekend sleep-in
It's darker, it's cosier and it's quieter with the sunrise pushed back to a more decent hour.

4.  It's cold enough to be able to close the windows at night
I wonder if I will miss listening to my neighbour playing Eminem each night?

Keep those windows shut
5.  You don't get skin infections from the heat and sweat
Personal experience.  Enough said.  No photo required.

6.  Spending time outside is actually pleasant
Let's consider moving Australia Day to winter so that the obligatory outdoor barbecue is actually enjoyable.  And, if you're in Far North Queensland, you can now consider going into the ocean without a protective suit.  Bonus.

You might even get cold when you're outside
7.  Days are shorter
What's so good about exhausting, endless summer days?

8.  People look smarter and wear nicer clothes
Australia, it's time to ditch the t-shirt, shorts and thongs, and pull out jackets, pants, knitwear and shoes.

Get out your winter gear
9.  You can go for a run without the need for rehydration via IV drip
It's amazing how much more energy you have when you don't look like a drowned rat after five minutes of outdoor exercise.

10.  There are less natural disasters
Note how there are fewer hailstorms, cyclones, floods and bushfires in winter.

Less cyclones
11.  You don't need to towel off after walking 200 metres from the bus stop to work
One thing I guarantee you won't miss in winter: humidity.

Off to work
12.  Spice up your life
The only sweat you break into during autumn and winter is induced by curries, soups, roasts and other tasty hot food.

13.  There's no cricket or tennis on TV
But there is football.  The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away.

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