Sunday, 22 June 2014

The great wardrobe clearance

In a construction effort that mirrors the building of the Great Wall of China or Egypt's Pyramids, I'm having new wardrobes installed in my unit.

The carpenter is coming tomorrow (hopefully) to rip out the old chipboard ones and install some shiny new IKEA ones.

To get to this point I have been on a two-month odyssey that involved getting quotes, stock delays, numerous trips to IKEA and finally the delivery of the flat packs ready to go.

In preparation for the build (let's call it a build so it sounds more exciting), I've had to go through my wardrobes and get everything out.   Now this task is normally only something you do when you move house... and for very good reason.  It's boring, painful and messy.

But on the upside, I've used the opportunity to rid myself of all the crap I've collected during the past seven years of living here.

I don't consider myself a hoarder.  I don't have my grade three report cards or every birthday card ever given to me.  Still I've been surprised at just how much useless stuff I had held onto.

Here's just a selection of the "treasures".   Needless to say, if you want any of them be sure to check out the wheelie bin in the front of my place on Tuesday night.

Shopping bag souvenirs
I seem to have accumulated a vast collection of plastic bags of all shapes and sizes from around the world.   Perhaps I should just stick to conventional souvenirs in future?

Red Sea towel
When I was in Egypt in 2004 I needed a beach towel.   I bought this and used it for two days on the trip and then never again because it seems to repel rather than absorb water.

Inner soles of running shoes
As I've got orthodics, I take out the existing inner soles of new running shoes.  Why I hold on to them for years is anyone's guess.

Collar inserts
Often when you buy a nice collared shirt, you get a few bits of plastic to replace the bits of plastic that sit in the collar.   Perhaps they should just sew the existing ones in so they don't fall out in the wash?

Hotel toiletries
Clearly I haven't stayed in a hotel where I haven't swiped the sewing kit, soap, toothbrush or other toiletries on offer.   However, supply has vastly outstripped demand.

Disposable plastic plates and bowls
I'm not sure why I have these at all.   Maybe I went on a picnic once?  I'm sure I won't be doing that again.  I'm just not that kind of person.

Instruction manuals and receipts
This is the pile of paraphernalia for appliances I no longer have.   There's receipts and instructions for kettles, washing machines, televisions, fridges, toasters and more.   Interesting how these lasted longer than the appliances themselves.

Spare parts
These are some spare parts for a washing machine I once had.  I have no idea what they do but they are in mint condition.

Laserforce membership card
I went to Laserforce once as part of a work social function.  We were beaten by 10 year olds.   Probably don't need to hold onto the membership card for too many more years.

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