Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A strictly family affair

As the song goes, "you're nobody until somebody loves you".

Well, according to the recent spate of Government media releases maybe that's now "you're nobody until you're a family".

Note to singles and couples: go scoop some water from the creek

Just families?   Does anyone else get a boost?

You see I've detected quite a theme in recent media releases arriving in my inbox each day.   It's all "Queensland families" this, and "Queensland families" that (not that there's anything wrong with that of course).   But the more sensitive among us might feel like they're being left out.

Singles and couples can keep their thoughts to themselves

Phew!  Families will be safe from crime.  Is there a helicopter for the rest of us?

Sure, I'd like to think the Government's definition of "family" is a little broader than the "mum, dad and 2.5 children" variety.   After all, we all come from families.  I'm sure when they say "family" they also mean me as a single, the lesbian couple down the road, the elderly pensioner next door, and the three uni students sharing the house on the corner.

Only families and businesses benefit?

But I wonder why they just couldn't just use the word "Queenslanders" if they really are referring to all of us?

I'm guessing singles and couples aren't invited?

The more cynical might misconstrue this word play as a reflection of the more conservative side of politics.   Sure, there are households with a mum, dad and kids.   They're important.  But so are single parent households, as well as ones with singles, couples and a whole host of other combinations.

Singles and couples can go elsewhere

Apparently singles, couples and others use electricity too

Whether you like it or not, it's not 1956 anymore.  Even here in Queensland, the fabric is a little richer than it used to be.  Perhaps we need to acknowledge that?

FYI, singles and couples should prepare for slower and more dangerous travel

Family-only roads?

Look, I know us single people can bring all you "family" folk down - what with our jogging in the park by ourselves, buying soup for one, and taking holidays during the school term.   But it wouldn't kill you to throw us bone every once in a while and acknowledge we exist.  

Once again, I'd like to stress that I'm not "anti-family" (whatever that means).  In fact, some of my nicest relatives are from families.  But, at risk of sounding like an AM talkback radio caller, I'm a taxpayer too.

Singles and couples can go get fat

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