Sunday, 26 October 2014

A cool sight for hot eyes

The smell of bushfires in the air?

The heat haze hanging over the city?

Overnight temperatures close to 20 degrees Celsius?

Why this spring is beginning to look a lot like summer and it's leaving me hot and bothered.

Overseas dignitaries soon to descend on Brisbane for this year's G20 Summit could be forgiven for thinking a catastrophic event has already befallen the city given the bevy of brown, scorched earth on show.

I know my northern hemisphere friends are dreading the arrival of winter probably as much as I'm am another sizzling summer.

What's to love about summer?  Sleepless warm nights, alarmingly early sunrises, harsh burning sunlight and maybe a heat rash... all before 9am.

But with five months until we can look forward to the next cool change, I've taken refuge in air conditioning and in old photos of wintery landscapes.

If I stand near the open freezer door and let my eyes soak up the cold, I can almost pretend I'm cool.

Don't lie - you would happily trade places with this Japanese snow monkey right now

Best way to sunbake

Hello Kitty - cooler than you right now

This forest is greener than my garden right now


A nice place to sit outside?

Snow AND water - now they're just teasing us

You want to run into these fluffy, white hills don't you?

Even dogs love the cold

Picnic anyone?

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