Sunday, 4 January 2015

The new year kick

My father once told me how he kicked his legs over the edge of the bed each morning ready to embrace the new day.

Sickening, isn't it?

Rest assured, it's not a trait that's been passed on.

When it comes to waking up and climbing out of bed each day, I'm more of the kicking and screaming variety.

So it's quite a strange feeling to not be completely devastated to be returning to work tomorrow (like many others I presume).

Always an overachiever, my Mondayitis usually stirs on a Saturday afternoon and lasts the full 48 hours until I crawl into bed on Monday evening.

But here I am, on the cusp of the 2015 working year and not collapsing in a heap cursing the cruel universe for making me go to work tomorrow.   What gives?

A new maturity to match the new year?  Not likely.

Now I'm proudly a "cup half empty" (if not completely bone dry and smashed on the floor) kind of guy, but it seems I've dug deep and found six reasons to look forward to heading back to work tomorrow.

Of course, none of them are actually work related.

Here we go...

1.  Air conditioning
Given my office-bound job, it's rare that I'm out of air conditioning for any long period of time during the day.   The last week in muggy old Brisbane has reaffirmed that I'm missing absolutely nothing while inside.   There's the waking up to 27 degree temperatures at 8am, the constant humidity, and the energy-sapping heat (not sure they'll be using these descriptors in the next tourism campaign) - where's the appeal?

2.  Chicken pho
It's what I have for lunch.  Every work day.  At midday (or sooner).  I've missed it.  A ham, cheese and tomato sandwich isn't cutting it.

3.  CBD shopping
I've got Christmas vouchers to use.  Sure, I could have popped in during the holidays but where's the fire?

4.  Hair cut
It's getting shaggy up there and it needs to be sorted out.

5.  The slow awakening to 2015
There's something nice about being at work when many others are still on holidays.   You can gently put your toe back into the working pool rather than being forced to immediately sink or swim.

And finally, the big one...

6.  14 more work days until my next holiday
Yeah.  I suspect this is the real reason why I don't mind going back to work tomorrow.   A few weeks of this work caper is all that stands between me and a certain flight out of the country.

I know everyone won't be in the same boat when the morning comes, but either way, just remember that tomorrow you're one day closer to your next holiday!

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