Monday, 2 February 2015

Ice cube art

So apparently ice isn't just for your drink and snow isn't just for skiing.

This is what I've learnt this evening inspecting the results of this year's International Snow Sculpture Championships, here in Breckenridge.

The Championships featured 16 teams from as far afield as Mongolia and Ukraine.  Each four-person team started started with a giant cube of compacted snow and had four days to transform it into a work of art.

Unable to use power tools, the teams took hold of saws, picks, cheese graters and a host of other utensils - all while working day and night when temperatures were sinking as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Sadly this entry didn't stand the test of time, and also serves a reminder of how all these beautiful snow sculptures will end up.

Team Germany with "Earth, Life and Sun"
While the winners have been announced, which one is your pick?

Team China with "Winter Fishing"
Team Catalunya with "El Vol de l'Home Ocell"
Team USA - Virginia with "The Bear and the Fish"
Team Argentina with "Don Quijote"

Team Breckenridge with "The Sculptor"
Team France with "Always in Love"

Team Ukraine with "Doves of Peace"

Team Mongolia with "On the Way to the Dream"

Team USA - Vermont with "Explosion"

Team Mongolia - Munkh-Erdene with Nomadic Culture

People's Choice Winner

Team Alaska with "Alaskan Fish Camp"

Bronze Medal Winner
Team USA - Minnesota with "The Tempest"

Silver Medal Winner
Team Germany with Yantra

Gold Medal Winner
Team Lithuania with "The Wind of Eternal Change"

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