Sunday, 8 September 2013

Breaking up is never easy

Citing “irreconcilable differences", this weekend Australia called it quits with Kevin Rudd (and the ALP) after a six-year "marriage". 

In recent months, it had become very apparent to everyone that the relationship was on the rocks.  

There were moments when we thought the marriage would last the test of time.  We thought we could keep going.   But it just wasn’t meant to be.

Thinking back to the wedding night (election night 2007), there was such excitement and promise.   We had catchy slogans, people were dressed up and everyone seemed to have high hopes for the future. 

This was the man we wanted to spend our days and nights with.

But then promises were broken, things were said and we started to see a different side.  We began to wonder if we really understood each other at all.

So we spent some time apart.  

We even started seeing other people and for a moment we thought Julia was going to be our new life partner. 

But then Kevin came back in a blaze of glory.  It was like he was fighting for our love. 

For that brief honeymoon period when Kevin moved back in we felt like we had rekindled some of the spark we once had for each other.

He promised he had changed.  He said he would try harder.  

But sometimes that’s just not enough.  For a number of reasons, the fire had died.

So we’ve decided to go our separate ways. 

It just didn’t work.  No hard feelings.  All the best.

In time, once the wounds have healed, I’m sure we’ll speak fondly of our time together.

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