Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sounds like a holiday

Travel and tunes.  For me they've gone hand-in-hand ever since I was a child and I would listen to Mel and Kim on my Walkman in the back of the family car as we journeyed from Warwick to the Gold Coast for our annual summer holiday.

There's some destinations I will instantly recall when a particular song comes on the radio.   These are songs that might not necessarily have an obvious association to the place, but was somehow being played when I was there.

Take Bath in England.  A beautiful and historic city that I always remember when I hear the Spice Girls' Holler, as this was what was playing on the bus in the year 2000 when I visited there for the first time.

Hey, I didn't say the travel and tune association was always perfect.

As I load up my iPod for another holiday, I'm busting out my top 10 travel tunes.

Yes, I do have a "Travel" playlist and these are just some of the gems the feature.  They're trotted out when I'm about to head on holidays, when I'm thinking of holidays or when I'm on the plane itself.

Some are obvious, some are relaxing and some are silly/tragic, but whenever they come on I can get that holiday feeling.

10.  Life by Des'ree
Sure there's some weird lyrics in there, but I too don't want to see a ghost, it's the sight that I fear most and I would rather eat a piece of toast and watch the evening news.

9.  I'm Like A Bird by Nelly Furtado
Well, some do say I run like a gazelle or was that an emu?   Anyway, you get the whole freedom connotation here and a strong desire to stick our your arms like wings when this one comes on.

8.  On the Beach by Chris Rea
Actually I'm rarely on the beach as I'm not a huge fan of the sun, but this laid back song seems to evoke a long hot summer no matter where you hear it.

7.  Breathe by Kylie
This is a popular track when I'm approaching a holiday - there's something about the lines "breathe, it won't be long now, breathe" that seems like very sage advice from the Princess of Pop.

6.  Fields of Gold by Eva Cassidy
It's like an audio massage that makes you want to run through a foreign field at sunset.

5.  Whoops Now by Janet Jackson
Possibly not on everyone's list but Janet's little ditty about being held back at work by her boss while everyone else is at play is a compelling story.  Thankfully by the end of the song the tables have turned and she too is saying "Whoops Now", but for all the right reasons.

4.  Come Away With Me by Norah Jones
Surely one of the most chilled and relaxing escape songs of all time.  I feel like I'm in the car with her on that hot summer's day driving down a desert highway to somewhere else.

3.  Touch of Paradise by John Farnham
The video clip had John chillaxing on a inflatable pool bed and when this song comes on you'll be wanting to do the same... possibly while you watch flamingos "walk and swaying in peace".

2.  One Day I'll Fly Away by Randy Crawford
This song seems to sum up the yearning to escape perfectly.  Depending on your mood, it can make you sad, hopeful and/or happy.

1.  Holiday by Madonna
Come on.  You know this one was coming.   If you haven't played this while heading home after your last day of work you're dead inside!  Dead I tell you!

What's on your "Travel" playlist?

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