Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sleeping with a clown

Last night I slept with a clown.

And it wasn't just any clown, but Mamma Loe - something of a Dutch icon I've come to learn.

She is the wife of Pipo de clown, a character made popular in a Dutch TV series and later in movies, books and records.

Mamma Loe, Pipo and their daughter Petra live in a gypsy caravan and travel the Netherlands, performing as a circus act and having adventures along the way.

Last night was a brief, cozy and heated one-night affair, but not in a "how will you feel tomorrow" kind of way.

You see last night I stayed in the Mamma Loe gypsy caravan at the Hotel de Emauspoot in the pretty town of Delft.

The traditional timber caravan comes complete with a double bed, television, internet, bathroom and suitably colourful decor. 

She sits in a leafy courtyard at the back of the hotel, opposite a similar caravan named after her husband Pipo, within sight of Delft's New Church and its musical glockenspiel.

It was surprisingly comfortable and I only hit my head on the low door frame twice.  Perhaps I would run away and join the circus if this was what was on offer.

Sadly, one of the tyres is flat so I won't be taking Mamma Loe with me when my travels continue today.

Peppered around the caravan are Pipo and Mamma Loe memorabilia, including colour photos and books.  

Unfortunately, having not been brought up on a "Pipo diet" as a child, as an adult I find him a little bit disturbing.  He looks a little bit like Ronald McDonald's evil twin with the same white face, red lips and crazy stare.

It's probably a small miracle I slept at all last night with this clown crew gazing down on me.

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  1. Eeeekkkk...clowns are scary! I don't know how you managed that one. Did you have a good Australian night cap before you cozied in with the clowns? Why do they always have that style of make-up and dress? They should get some high fashion clowns! D&G ruffles with Jimmy Choo clown shoes! Mushy