Monday, 14 October 2013

Who's the fairest of them all?

In the fairytale-like region around Germany's Rhine River, it's a fair question to ask: which of the villages are the prettiest?

Like any good competition, there's a large field of contenders and it's a close race.

It's a land where historic half-timbered homes straight out of storybooks, castle ruins perched precariously on ridges, and medieval churches are scattered among lush vineyards and orchards.  

My recent cycling trip from Heidelberg to Koblenz traced part of the Rhine and led me through many "ridiculously" pretty villages.

Here's a photo essay of my top ten Rhine villages.

10.  Bodenheim

9.  Boppard

8.  St Goar 

7.  Zwingenberg

6.  Oppenheim

5.  Rudesheim

4.  Assmannshausen

3.  Ladenburg

2.  Bacharach

1.  Heppenheim 

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