Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Get ready to fight at the Boxing Day sales

With gifts unwrapped, food eaten and Christmas festivities complete for another year, it's time to turn our attention to Boxing Day.

While online shopping has taken some of the appeal out of the Boxing Day sales, it can still be a treasure trove if you know what you want.

For me, it's all about sheets and towels. 

As a veteran of many Boxing Day sales, including lining up before the stores open, I have 10 Boxing Day sales tips for successfully navigating this melting pot of humanity.  

1.   Get in and get out quickly.  It's a sprint, not a marathon.  

2.  Go early or don't go at all.  It only gets busier as the day progresses.

3.  Check online Boxing Day catalogues first to narrow down your shopping list.  This isn't the time to wander and browse.   Stores make it really clear through their online catalogues (available now) what their specials are so you can pre-plan.  This also helps to also reduce impulse buys that you'll only regret.

4.  Check store opening times.   Some department stores like Target and Kmart open before Myer so plan where you're going to head first to efficiently use your time.

5.  Take a big blue Ikea bag.   These scrunch up but can be unfurled to accommodate a plethora of purchases.   This means instead of many little plastic bags cutting into your hands, you just have one over-the-shoulder bag.  You'll be the envy of other shoppers.

6.  Leave kids, partners, friends and family at home.   This isn't a family fun day out.   

7.  Be prepared to see the ugly side of humanity.   Some people react to a sales bin as if it was a Red Cross food van in a disaster zone; there's a lot of pushing, shoving and a bit of scratching.

9.  Know your size.  Assume that the dressing rooms will be a no-go zone.  At the very least, wear clothes and footwear that enable quick changes or trying on over the top of what you're wearing.

10. Be nice to the staff.  By the end of Boxing Day they will have dealt with hundreds of rude idiots.   Expect delays, waiting, confusion and disappointment; this is the price you pay for discounted goods.

Boxing Day sales may not be pretty, but they can be rewarding if you're smart about it!

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