Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hotel theme lift off

You've got to admire their dedication to a theme.

Some hoteliers simply name their establishments after something that has no absolutely no connection to their hotel whatsover.   Like a "Paris Hotel" in the Brisbane CBD, or an "Outback Hotel" in the heart of London.

Airways Hotel in Port Moresby can't be accused of the same sloppy work.

They've taken a theme and run with it.

Not only does the hotel overlook Port Moresby's Jacksons International Airport (Get it?  Airways Hotel.  Airport.  Subtle.), but they've also plonked an old plane right in the middle of the hotel's grounds.

It's an old Air Niugini DC3 plane that has its wheels down as though it's about to land on the airport's runway just a few hundred metres away.

The runway of Port Moresby's Jacksons International Airport from Airways Hotel

The DC3 with the airport in the distance
But this plane is never going to land.  It's reached its final destination and is now, believe it or not, part of the hotel's business facilities.  

There's a walkway from the hotel to the plane, now refurbished in timber and operating as an internet cafe. 

The DC3 in the middle of the hotel and overlooked by the restaurant

Hanging over the resort

But having a plane literally hanging over the hotel doesn't appear to have been enough.

Pushing the theme just a little further is a range of aircraft-theme embellishments, furniture and artwork around the hotel.

A reception stool, possibly fashioned from an aircraft hull
The reception desk itself seems to be an aircraft wing, hopefully from a plane no longer in service.

Looking down on the aircraft wing reception desk, underneath the plane fragment art installation
Above it, a shiny, silver metal fragment art installation reminds me of what an exploded plane must look like.   To be fair, this may not have been the effect the artist was looking for.  It is also not the most comforting thought as you check out and head for the airport to catch your flight.

Fragments of silver metal hanging over the aircraft wing reception desk

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