Monday, 12 May 2014

Europe sings, Australia tweets

I don't know how anyone watched Eurovision before Twitter.

It's like having a giant, national party in your living room, but without actually having to feed or talk to them.

During the weekend, Twitter exploded with tweets about Eurovision.  At times, they were coming so thick and fast that it was impossible to read them.

Here's a few choice tweets:

The anticipation before the show

Warnings were issued to others

For some it was a whole-of-body experience

People set their priorities

It started

Predictions were made

The running commentary also began


Politics came into it

All acts completed their performance

The long process of countries reporting their votes began

But attention started to drift to other things during the voting

Sometimes Australia felt very far away from the action

 The result was announced

Some found extra meaning in Austria's win 

Comparisons to other famous Austrians were made

And then there was THAT beard

 Then there were some final reflections

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