Thursday, 29 May 2014

Life lessons from "Maleficent"

At risk of sounding old, things have really changed since I grew up.

The new breed of Disney stories has turned the traditional fairytale on its head, and in the process are imparting some cold, hard truths about the modern world.

I had the pleasure of seeing the film Maleficent earlier this week.  It's an enjoyable romp telling the back story of the fairy Maleficent, better known for cursing Princess Aurora to eternal sleep in Sleeping Beauty.

Without giving away too much, it can be pretty dark in its outlook.   While good does triumph over evil in the end, it's probably not how you would expect it would.

You could always rely on traditional fairy tales to impart some words of wisdom about the world.   

Maleficent shares 10 life lessons of its own.

1.  The fairy tales you know and love were lying to you

2.  There are two sides to every story

3.  Romantic love isn't the only kind of love in the world

4.  Men are bastards and will screw you over at every chance

5.  The "Prince Charmings" of the world look pretty but are pretty useless at the end of the day

6.  The traditional "happily ever after" has changed, but you can still be happy

7.  Hate will eat away at you and be your downfall

8.  Everything you do is influenced by where you've come from

9.  Sometimes you can't take back what you said in anger, no matter how hard you try

10.  Even if you ban something (like a spinning wheel), everyone still has one!

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