Monday, 12 May 2014

The day the music died

There's no sadder day on the calendar than the day after the Eurovision final.

During the past month, the excitement and anticipation has been building, culminating in the two semi finals and the grand final.

A dictionary of adjectives would fail to properly describe the brilliant and the bizarre of this year's Eurovision.  It has to be seen to be believed.

As I slump into a deep depression waiting for next year's Eurovision, let's reflect on Eurovision 2014 and hope the next 11 months pass quickly.

This year was all about facial hair; those who had it and those who didn't but wanted it.

Winner Conchita Wurst from Austria
France's Twin Twin, who sang Moustache, came last

There was a lot of cooking... of sorts

Latvia with Cake to Bake
Belarus with Cheesecake

We got physical

Ukraine had a guy in a hamster wheel for some reason
Russia had a seesaw
Greece had a trampoline
Azerbaijan had an acrobat

Iceland stole their costumes from The Wiggles

The Netherlands went a little bit country 'n' western

Sweden taught me how to "undo my sad"

Poland showed us how to churn butter and wash clothes with breasts

Poland had all its assets on show

Italy showed us everything, even her "Colosseum"

The UK channelled gladiators

Russia gave us some twins joined at the pony tail

Romania developed a circular keyboard

Spain flicked her wet hair around a lot (she was Dancing in the rain)

Hungary sang a high energy, jaunty tune about domestic violence

Norway rolled out a gentle Viking giant

"Our Jess" did us proud representing Australia (confusing millions of children studying European geography)

Bring on Austria 2015!

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