Wednesday, 14 May 2014

PNG safe sex and politics

Some people find politics a turn-on.

That seems to be the only reason behind this bewildering Papua New Guinean safe sex poster I encountered today.

I'm here all week delivering some training in a Port Moresby office, and this poster adorns the men's bathroom wall.

The poster in all its glory

While there's no doubt the safe sex message is always important, what confuses me is why it was linked to the election (held last year).

Maybe everyone here is sexually excited by elections and that's why this poster was conceived?  Or do people only have sex here when elections are on?

Here's each of the four cells enlarged.

Cell 1: people talking about safe sex while lining up to vote

Cell 2: Girls being propositioned by a campaign worker

Cell 3: Some sort of party where the condom booth seems more popular than the polling booth

Cell 4:  A drunk couple talking safe sex

I can only imagine the voting booths here are much more arousing than they are in Australia.  Perhaps you don't just pick a politician, but also pick a partner at the same time.

Now that I think about it, filling out the lengthy Senate voting form would give you more than enough time for a quickie.

For me, this poster would make more sense if the headline didn't read: "This election..." but "This erection...".

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